Position Clinical Neuropsychologist
Location Tucson, AZ
Job Description Territory Neurology and Research Institute seeks a full-time clinical neuropsychologist. The clinical practice consists of cognitive, behavioral and emotional services to adult patients who have mental impairments that are related to diseases, traumatic brain injuries or other causes. The ideal candidate will be able to perform their own administration of neurological tests and evaluate and interpret diagnosis to patient's whose brain functioning has been diminished.

We offer competitive salary and an excellent benefit package.

Candidates must have a Ph.D. or Psy.D in Neuropsychology or relevant field of Psychology, and APA accreditation.

Monday- Thursday 8am - 5pm | Friday 8am- 12pm

Job Type: Full-time

About Territory Neurology and Research Institute
Nationally Recognized Clinical Trials: Research programs empower our patients to play an active role in their own health care. These kinds of studies are needed to develop new treatments for serious diseases and offer an alternative therapy to the patient. Thousands of people are helped each year because they volunteered to take part in a clinical trial, all while contributing to important medical research for the future benefit of others. Access new, cutting edge treatments, and receive world-class next generation health care - at no cost to you. Our research studies focus on Alzheimer's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraine, and Parkinson's disease. A clinical trial adheres to a comprehensive plan, or protocol. A protocol is the written description of a clinical trial, which includes the study's objectives, design and methods as well as relevant scientific background and statistical information. Comparison groups are used in most clinical trials to compare medical strategies and treatments to see if one group has a better outcome than the other. This is usually conducted in one of two ways:
oOne group receives an existing treatment for a condition and the second group receives a new treatment to compare which group has better results
oOne group receives a new treatment, and the second group receives a placebo (an inactive product that looks like the test product).
About Tucson Arizona
Living in Tucson has a lot of benefits. Our wonderful weather offers over 350 days of blue skies and sunshine. We have mountains in every direction you look. An endless amount of outdoor activities that include hiking, bicycling, trail runs and much more! Our location is close to downtown, a variety of great restaurants and entertainment options to fit your needs. Not to mention the cost of living here is very appealing.

Eligible candidates should email sslocum@territorynri.com