NAN is initiating an exciting new professional advancement curriculum called the NAN Ambassador and Leadership Development Program. This program is open to Professional members of NAN and Post-Doctoral Resident members who will be eligible for Professional membership in NAN by the completion of the program. 

This year long program includes:
  • A series of six webinars that occur once every other month over the year.
  • Curriculum involving advocacy for the profession, communication skills, practical aspects of leading a committee, and how to navigate leadership dilemmas.
  • Opportunities to hear from past NAN presidents, as well as a corporate leadership trainer.  

Participants will be expected to implement their new learning through their roles as ambassadors. This position involves increasing engagement of NAN’s membership through dissemination and other communication about NAN’s many programs (e.g., grants, awards, education, service, etc.). 

The Potential Benefits of Serving as a NAN Ambassador include:

  1. Opportunity to learn about NAN organization and the various committees
  2. Preparation to hold a potential committee and/or chair position within NAN
  3. Receive leadership training that can be used in other leadership positions 
  4. Networking opportunities
  5. Recognition among other neuropsychology leaders

Interested candidates should provide a letter of interest with a CV submitted by email to with the subject line NAN Ambassador and Leadership Development Program.