Shawn M. McClintock, PhD, MSCS

Practice Location and type:
I work at UT Southwestern Medical Center, which is an academic medical center in the Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex in Texas. I primarily conduct clinical and translational research and provide clinical neuropsychological evaluation services in the UT Southwestern Neuropsychology Clinic. My main area of research focuses on informing development of antidepressant neuromodulation therapeutics including electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and magnetic seizure therapy (MST) for the treatment of major depressive disorder from a neurocognitive perspective.

What activities do you enjoy outside of work?
Having recently become a dad, one of my favorite things outside of work is being with my husband and son! It has been incredible to watch our son grow and see the world through his eyes. When not in a pandemic, we love to travel in the states and across the globe, go antiquing for mid-century modern furniture and accessories, and visit art and architecture museums. During the pandemic, we have stayed close to home and taken fun family hikes and walks with our golden retriever.  Also, I have always loved baking and like to pretend I’m a Food Network chef when in the kitchen making cakes and pies.

Why did you join NAN?
I joined NAN in 2013 in order to vote for a colleague and friend who was running for an officer position. Little did I know that it would open the doors for me to a great organization where I would meet new colleagues and make new friends, learn ways to improve my clinical work, and provide me with leadership and governance opportunities.

Do you have any advice to offer or anything else you’d like to add?
If there is any advice I could offer it would be to 1) Never stop learning – clinical neuropsychology is relatively in its infancy and there continues to be new information that helps to advance both clinical and research practice; 2) Get engaged – we have incredible professional organizations with great governance and leadership opportunities and if you have ever asked the question why something has not happened that should, then get engaged and involved and help make it happen; and last but not least 3) Have fun – if the pandemic has taught me anything, it is that there is much fun and joy to be had, so make sure to have fun in life!