NAN Bulletin

2021 Issue 1 - PDF Version  

Brain Art: Complex Brain Simulation
By Dr. Vitaly Galinsky and Dr Lawrence Frank at the Center for Scientific Computation in Imaging at UC San Diego, Dr. Lisa Delano-Wood at UC San Diego, and Dr. Erin Bigler at Brigham Young University
Co-Editors Welcome to the Next NAN Bulletin
By Lana Harder and Shawn M. McClintock
Getting Organized in the New Year
By New York Times Best Selling Author Gretchen Rubin

Neuropsychological Assessment 3.0: Maintaining Relevance in the Digital Age 
By Dr. Thomas Parsons and Dr. Tyler Duffield
Evidenced-Based Approaches to Conducting Research, Clinical Practice, and Training in Neuropsychology with Diverse Populations
By Dr. Monica Rivera Mindt, Emily Morris, Angela Summers, Maral Aghvinian, and Dr. Desiree Byrd
Language in Neuropsychology Part II – Interpreter-Mediated Neuropsychological Services
By Dr. Lawrence Pick, Dr. Jesús O. Barreto Abrams, Dr. David Andrés González, Dr. Paola Suárez, and Dr. Adriana Macias Strutt
Dementia and Caregiving Among Older LGBT Adults
By Dr. Weston Donaldson
Mentorship – Accessing Mentors as a Trainee
By Blair Honsey
Mentors and Sponsors – How to Access One and How to Become One as an Early Career Neuropsychologist
By Dr. Lucas Driskell and Dr. Scott Sperling

The Most Influential Articles Published in JAMA Neurology and JAMA Psychiatry Over the Last Three Years
By Dr. Louis French
“Within”: Art Therapy as a Window into Military Service Member and Veteran States of Mind 
By Ms. Melissa Walker
Tips and Strategies for Resuming In-Person Clinical Neuropsychological Services 
By Dr. Andrea Wahlberg