Position Director of Neuropsychology
Location Marietta, GA
Job Description Director of Neuropsychology
Wellstar Medical Group

- Holds a degree of PHD/PSYD
- Is a licensed psychologist with a minimum of 5 years experience, post-licensure
- Board-certified in Clinical Neuropsychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP)
- Allocates 80% time to clinical functions and 20% time to administrative functions
- Works a M-F schedule
- Reports to Wellstar's/WMG Chief Behavioral Health Officer (CBHO)

Description of Wellstar Neuropsychology
- Wellstar Neuropsychology is a department under the Wellstar Medical Group (WMG) and a division of the Behavioral Health Service Line (BHSL). The WMG Director of Neuropsychology provides leadership for a group of neuropsychologists, who provide outpatient neuropsychological evaluations for children and adults as well as neuropsychological services for a 20-bed inpatient rehabilitation program at the Kennestone Regional Medical Center (KRMC). Wellstar's Neuropsychology service includes an APPCN-accredited neuropsychology residency program. In coordination with BHSL and WMG leadership, the Neuropsychology Director is responsible for expanding neuropsychological services throughout the Wellstar system, increasing access, ensuring quality, and creating the optimal patient experience. Additionally, and in accordance with the quadruple aim, the Director develops and cultivates a culture of trust in which team member well-being is a priority.

Clinical Responsibilities (80%)
- Obtains and maintains hospital privileges at Wellstar Kennestone Regional Medical Center
- Provides inpatient or outpatient neuropsychology services to patients with a range of neurodegenerative conditions, acquired, or traumatic brain injuries
- Conducts brief neurobehavioral examinations as well as comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations
- Selects and administers psychometrically-valid psychological/neuropsychological tests
- Writes neuropsychological reports and consultations
- Delivers efficient feedback to patients in a compassionate and educational manner
- May provide time-limited interventions and psychotherapy on occasion
- Documents clinical encounters in the electronic medical record and in accordance with ethical standards of the profession as well as state and federal requirements
- Oversees services provided by mid-level providers, psychometrists, and students/interns/residents
- Holds to the fidelity of evidence-based suicide care pathways
- Maintains patient experience scores that meet or exceed WMG/service line targets
- Provides appropriate services and coordination of care to all patients presented to him/her through WellStar medical facilities and its medical staff members.
- Develops and utilizes Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) protocols for targeted diagnoses.
- Agrees to cooperate with, participate in, and comply with, the quality assurance, risk management and peer review programs, grievance procedures and utilization control mechanisms implemented by the Medical Group and its Affiliates.

Administrative Responsibilities (20%)
Leader as Collaborator
- Holds listening sessions (at least monthly) with neuropsychologists to facilitate improvements in patient flow quality, mitigate barriers to patient access, improve patient satisfaction, and work to resolve any stress drivers that interfere with the team member experience
- Builds effective relationships with other BHSL clinical/medical directors (e.g.'s Medical Directors of Cobb/Kennestone Psychiatry, Director of Health Psychology, etc.)
- Participates consistently in the WMG BH Clinical Leadership development forum
- Meets with Medical Staff leaders (e.g., Medical Director of KRMC PMR), seeking to align the WMG Neuropsychology strategy with the needs and priorities of other departments
- Works effectively with WMG Neuropsychology practice managers and operational leaders
- Develops tactics to support team member well-being, addressing drivers of burnout and ensuring that clinicians have the resources necessary to fulfill job responsibilities
- Supports clinicians through mentoring - identifying professional development goals and developing a pathway to achieve those objectives
- Holds crucial conversations with team members with performance improvement opportunity

Leader as Creator
- Develops plan to expand access to neuropsychology services across submarkets
- Adopts innovative methods and care models for neuropsychology

Leader as Competitor
- Leads recruitment efforts for WMG Neuropsychology, attracting the top talent and positioning the program for long-term success and brand recognition
- Advances neuropsychology within Wellstar by aligning performance expectations and standards of professionalism with those of physician colleagues
- Meets regularly (at least monthly) with the CBHO to establish annual quality and performance goals that raises the standard of neuropsychological care in greater Atlanta
- Sets research/training goals to elevate WMG Neuropsychology at the state and national levels
- Establishes productivity standards for inpatient/outpatient neuropsychology

Leader as Coordinator & Monitor
- Monitors productivity for inpatient and outpatient neuropsychologists
- Monitors KPIs with clear and measurable performance objectives pertinent to neuropsychology quality initiatives, patient satisfaction, etc.
- Coordinates psychometrist schedules to ensure appropriate testing support for the neuropsychology team
- Develops and standardizes protocols to reduce procedural variation
- Identifies and implements methods to improve practice efficiency

Behavioral Health Service Line Engagement
- Serves as a BH Service Line cabinet member with voting eligibilities
- Attends all Behavioral Health Service Line cabinet meetings
- Makes recommendations to CBHO regarding strategic growth opportunities
- Presents practice updates at Behavioral Health Service Line cabinet meetings
- Sits on Wellstar's Service Line quality committee
- Collaborates with the BH Service Line Finance Chair

If interested in this role, please send a cover letter and CV to Dr. Ryan Breshears (ryan.breshears@wellstar.org) and cc Mattie Amos (mattie.amos@wellstar.org) in provider relations