Position Neurosychologist - Older Adult Program
Location Caron, FL
Job Description Caron Treatment Centers Job Description
Caron of Florida, Inc. Position Title: Neurosychologist - Older Adult Program
Department: Medical
Reports To: Director of Psychology
Purpose: Provides psychological services including assessment, direct service, consultation, and training to internal and external stakeholders across Caron's continuum.
Degree of Supervision: Direct supervision by Director of Psychology, Indirect supervision by Medical Director



1. Assess, diagnose, and treat the full spectrum of mental health conditions for adult residential patients within a multidisciplinary treatment setting.
2. Attend and participate in morning treatment rounds and clinical team meetings.
3. Actively participate in the Admissions process by attending the admissions meetings when requested, providing consultation, review of records, and/or screening of patients with mental health issues for admissions to their unit.
4. When indicated, provide individual and family psychotherapy to treat co-occurring mental health issues.
5. Update and revise mental health portion of patient treatment plan as needed.
6. Provide consultation to clinical staff, program directors and other department heads on the management of patients with co-occurring mental health issues.
7. In collaboration with treatment team, provide patient mental health-related treatment updates to treatment team members, families, referents, and outpatient treatment providers as warranted.
8. Actively collaborate with the treatment team on diagnostic, treatment and aftercare issues related to mental health issues, when warranted.
9. Provide aftercare recommendations, including provider referrals, when warranted.
10. Complete accurate and timely recordkeeping in accordance with psychology board ethics guidelines, Florida State and CARF regulations and Caron Policies and Procedures.


Administers, score, and interprets integrated screening assessments for the Older Adult Program in collaboration with neurofeedback services.

1. When needed, provide integrated screening assessments for other signature programs.
2. Prepare and write integrated screening assessment reports in collaboration with neurofeedback services using data from brief neuropsychological, self-report psychological tests, and qEEG brain mapping.
3. Review assessment findings, educate, and confers in feedback session with patient and clinical staff regarding diagnoses, recommendations, interventions, and treatment planning needs.
4. Review assessment findings and consult as needed with families, significant others, referents, outpatient providers, and aftercare providers as needed.
5. Provides consultation to clinical staff, program directors and other department heads on the management of patients with co-occurring mental health issues based on test findings and observations in the clinical setting.
6. Prepare written detailed assessment reports using raw data from psychological, achievement, neuropsychological, self-report measures/rating scales, and computer-administered measures, as well as direct observations and interview.
7. Store written reports in electronic format in the patient medical record.
8. Store/maintain all raw test data in locked file cabinets.
9. Complete accurate and timely recordkeeping in accordance with psychology board ethics guidelines, Florida State and CARF regulations and Caron Policies and Procedures.
10. Facilitate and/or participate in supervision meetings and consultation meetings.

11. Attend and participate in morning treatment rounds and clinical team meetings as warranted.
12. Assure a safe and secure environment for patients, staff, and visitors, to include:
a) Maintain privacy, security, and confidentiality for all patients, past and present, based on Federal and State regulations and Caron's policies.
b) Apply and adhere to standards and regulations for fire, weather, emergency, and environmental hazards.
c) Work safely using procedures and techniques that apply to work area and equipment including ergonomics.
d) Assure incident reporting according to Caron's standards.
e) Ensure compliance with CARF Safety Goals and standards.
f) Ensure compliance with HIPPA, CARF, and DCF guidelines and requirements.


Provide Psychology Specialty Group Services associated with the Older AdultProgram. This may include:

1. Facilitate and/or co facilitate CBT for Depression Groups or CBT for Anxiety Groups.
2. Develop and facilitate additional Psychology Specialty Groups for co-occurring disorders as needed
3. Develop and facilitate Neurocognitive Enhancement Training (Brain Training) in an individual/group setting
4. Develop and provide didactic trainings for psychology staff on evidence-based treatment for co-occurring disorders.
5. Participate in Specialty Group trainings and/or supervisions as available or needed.


In addition to duties outlined above, the Staff Psychologist is expected to provide some or all the following:

1. As needed, provide additional testing services associated with Department of Psychology Testing Services.
a. Testing batteries may include a full range of psychological and neuropsychological evaluations assessing such areas as intelligence, attention/executive functions, sensorimotor, language, social skills, learning, memory, visuospatial, and emotional/personality functioning.
b. Administer, interpret, make recommendations, and complete written report.
c. Provide feedback of testing results as appropriate to patient, clinical team, family members, referent, outpatient providers, aftercare providers.
d. Develop and provide didactic trainings for clinical and psychology staff on psychological testing and assessment issues.
e. Facilitate and/or participate in Testing Services supervision meetings and consultation meetings.
2. Provide, when necessary or requested, ongoing education and training to all levels of Caron staff on the management of co-occurring disorders.
3. The Staff Psychologist may be asked to prepare and present material applicable to their position to local, regional and national audiences on behalf of Caron.
4. The Staff Psychologist may be asked to supervise postdoctoral fellow, interns, and/or psychology practicum students.
5. This job description reflects management's assignment of essential functions; it does not prescribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned.


The physical and mental demands described here are representative of those that must be met to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

1. Must be able to work during scheduled hours as agreed upon, travel as needed, and deliver public presentations that may be lengthy or involve multiple days.
2. Must be able to walk and actively participate in activities throughout campus.
3. Ability to use / maintain office equipment
4. Typing for extended periods
5. Sitting, standing up to 4 hours to train
6. Lifting up to 20 pounds


1. Ph.D./Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology, specialization & training in neuropsychology
2. License for independent practice in Florida required. If not licensed, must be license-eligible and attain license within 6 months of hire.
3. Minimum of 2-years' experience in the field of psychology conducting psychotherapy and psychological testing.
4. Must possess appropriate legal clearances (Act 33).
5. If in recovery, 2 years of uninterrupted sobriety.
6. Experience in neuropsychological assessment and working with older adult population preferred


1. Must have appropriate training and experience using current psychological testing instruments including neuropsychological, diagnostic, personality, and cognitive testing. This includes an understanding of a test's psychometric properties, limits of instruments and ability to interpret and synthesize data from multiple tests.
2. Training and experience providing effective psychological interventions and treatments for a range of mental health disorders. Must have the ability to evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of interventions and therapy with which you are not familiar. Must be willing/able to seek out information on best practices to treat diagnoses with which you are less familiar.
3. Training in current theories of child, adolescent and adult psychopathology as well as use of these theories to conceptualize patient issues and develop and implement effect treatment planning.
4. Demonstrate ability to provide culturally competent treatment working with ethnic, racial and sexual minorities.
5. Able to use current research to guide assessment, treatment, and testing decisions.
6. Ability to be effective within an interdisciplinary treatment team.
7. Possess good organizational skills.
8. Some familiarity with current psychotropic medications and their interactions.
9. Must be familiar with or demonstrate willingness to become familiar with all local and state laws concerning voluntary and involuntary hospitalization procedures.
10. Act as a role model in decorum, speech, and behaviors consistent with recovery principles.