We understand that you need return on investment for your advertising dollars. Partnering with NAN gives you strategically focused access to an influential audience of scientist-practitioners, clinicians, and researchers in the field of neuropsychology. This alliance offers many key opportunities, including high visibility, hospitality, and networking. NAN offers the following opportunities:

  • Website Advertising
  • Newsflash Advertising
  • Conference Program Advertising
  • NAN Bulletin Advertising
  • Job Board Postings
  • Mail List Rental

Download the Advertising Order Form


Website Advertising

Advertising on the NAN website offers customizable options to fit your needs and budget. Your company can choose to be visible on the homepage or one of the most visited pages with your ad linking to your company’s website!

Web Banners

NAN has selected the following content areas to help your advertising campaign succeed. Banner ads may appear on up to three of the following pages:

Please submit files electronically. We accept .eps, .tif, .jpg, .gif, and .pdf formats. Banner ads should be 700 pixels wide x 100 pixels high.

  • Monthly: $250
  • 12 Months: $2,500 – SAVE $500 over a year!

Homepage Ads

Homepage ads on the NAN website are built directly into the site’s architecture and are visible on every single page providing visitors easy access to your website.

  • Monthly: $500
  • 12 Months: $5,000

Please submit files electronically. We accept .eps, .tif, .jpg, .gif, and .pdf formats. Homepage ads should be 200 pixels wide x 175 pixels high.

Newsflash Advertising

NAN sends a monthly member update e-newsletter to its 3,300 members at all levels with the latest happenings in NAN and the neuropsychology field. You can reach the core of the NAN membership every month.

  • Monthly:  $250
  • 12 Issues: $2,500 – SAVE $500 over a year!

Please submit files electronically. We accept .eps, .tif, .jpg, .gif, and .pdf formats. E-news banner ads should be 650 pixels wide x 75 pixels high.

Please contact the NAN Office at for upcoming deadlines.

Conference Program Advertising

NAN offers advertising in the registration book and onsite program guide to heighten your reach and provide optimal visibility among meeting attendees. As the primary tool for attendees to navigate the education, networking and exhibitor offerings of the conference, the registration book and onsite program guide are referred to by attendees months prior to the meeting as a resource, as well as multiple times daily throughout the event.

Registration Book Advertising – Place an ad in our online program that is sent electronically to 3,500 potential attendees!

  • $750 - Full Page
  • $350 - Half Page

Onsite Program Guide Advertising – Reach approximately 1,000 Annual Conference attendees in the onsite guide that attendees keep close at all times.

  • $750 - Full Page
  • $350 - Half Page

Please contact the NAN Office at for deadlines and specifications.

NAN Bulletin Advertising

NAN publishes and distributes the NAN Bulletin electronically to members twice per year. Our Bulletin reaches every member, with full-page and half-page advertising opportunities available. Additionally, past issues are posted online and can be accessed by the general public.

  • Full-page: $300
  • Half-page: $150

Full-page ads are 8.5” wide by 11” high and half-page ads are 8.5” wide by 5.5” high. We can accept your ad in PDF format.

Please contact the NAN Office at for upcoming deadlines.

Job Board Postings

Job postings on the NAN website also include a one-time feature in the member-only monthly e-newsletter, the NAN Newsflash. The Job Board link has consistently high traffic in the Newsflash, averaging a click rate of 28% and 67 clicks per issue!

  • 30 days - $35
  • 60 days - $60 (best value!)
  • 90 days - $80

To place an order for a job posting, please download the order form and send in to the NAN Office for processing.

Mailing List Rental


All NAN mail list rentals are one-time use only, for the stated purpose given when the request was made. The list cannot be distributed to a third party. The current cost for the rental is .15 per name.

Promoting CE Activities

The NAN address list may be purchased by organizations wanting to promote a CE activity to NAN members. The list may be purchased without NANs accreditation under the guidelines explained in the following section. No reference to NAN can be made within the promotional materials without prior NAN approval. A list for the names of members who will attend a CE activity is not available.

Other Promotional Mailings

A list of registrants at the NAN annual meeting may be provided at the rate set forth in these guidelines to organizations and individuals requesting them for the purpose of marketing a program, product, or service. However, before a list is made available, the proposed piece will be reviewed by NAN in its final state. The decision as to whether a list will be provided shall be determined solely on the basis of whether:

  • The piece promotes a program, product, or service that reasonably can be expected to be of interest to NAN members by virtue of its relevance to the clinical and socioeconomic practice of neuropsychology.
  • The piece is tastefully designed and does not make claims that have no basis in fact.
  • To the best of the NAN's knowledge, the sponsor of the piece is reputable and can be expected to provide the service or product promoted in the mailing piece in accordance with the language therein.

Research/Survey Projects

A list may be provided at the rate set forth in these guidelines to organizations and individuals requesting them for the purpose of involving NAN members in surveys and research projects. The decision as to whether a list shall be provided for such surveys or research projects will be determined by NAN on the basis of the following guidelines:

1. The request must be made by a reputable person or organization.
2. The survey instrument must be designed to produce valid and reliable results.
3. The request must clearly state the objectives of the study and indicate the intended use of the results. If results are to be published in any fashion, including electronic media, the participants in the study are to be informed.
4. The potential results should: 
        a. Significantly add to the body of knowledge in the neuropsychology/medical field
        b. Have a positive benefit for the membership of NAN.
5. The NAN Central Office and the NAN Board of Directors are required to review and approve a complete copy of all pieces. This includes: 
        a. All cover letters/materials soliciting members to participate (if there are multiple communications, all follow-up must be included). If the results are to be published, the participants in the study should be informed in the cover letter.
        b. A final copy of the survey instrument.
        c. Copies of all envelopes (including Business Reply Envelopes) used in correspondence with NAN members. These may be scanned and emailed as a .pdf or faxed.
        d. Any other pieces that will be received by members on the list.


  • NAN will not sell its list for telephone, e-mail or facsimile solicitations.
  • Permission to use the list for promotion or a research/survey project in no way implies an endorsement by NAN.
  • All mail pieces are subject to the approval of NAN, who reserves the right to reject any request at any time.

Please contact to order the NAN mailing list.


All advertising is subject to publisher’s approval. The publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel an ad. Publisher’s liability is to the direct cost of the advertisement. Publication of any ad is not an endorsement of the advertiser’s product or service. Digital files not meeting specification may incur additional charges.

For all advertising questions, please contact NAN at