Legislative Action & Advocacy Committee

The LAAC researches and studies public policy issues that impact the field of neuropsychology, provides feedback to the Board of Directors, takes a position on national legislative issues, communicates with elected officials on issues that pertain to neuropsychology, and educates the membership regarding laws that impact the field of neuropsychology.

  Co-Chair: Justin O'Rourke, Ph.D. 

  Co-Chair: Stephanie Bajo, Psy.D. 

Committee Members: Andrea Casher, Psy.D., Jacob Lutz, Ph.D., Maria Easter Cottingham, Ph.D., Casey LaDuke, Ph.D., Erik Ringdahl, Ph.D., Sarah Schubmehl, Ph.D. (Trainee), Megie Shean, Psy.D. (Trainee)