Tell the Biden Administration to Increase the Work Values for Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing

Bottom Line: Submit a Message to the Biden Administration Asking Them to Address Disparities in Work Values for Testing versus Psychotherapy and Protect Access to Broader Psychological Services. 

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) annual Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) proposed rule has serious implications across the health care field – including promoting equitable access to psychological services across all populations, ensuring fair funding allocations between physical and mental health services, and more. Because the Physician Fee Schedule often sets the benchmark for how other insurance programs cover and reimburse for specific services, it is critical for all psychologists and neuropsychologists. 

This year’s proposal increases the work values for psychotherapy services but not for psychological and neuropsychological testing services and health behavior assessment & intervention services. Action is needed to protect testing services.

The proposal would also restrict funding for Community Health Workers and Social Determinants of Health Assessments only to providers who can bill for Evaluation & Management Services. This would unnecessarily restrict the pool of providers who can offer needed population health services. It also has positive provisions, reflecting input from psychologists last year, which might not become reality unless you speak up for them. These proposals include: a) continued reimbursement of telehealth services at a higher rate when provided into the patient’s home; b) expanding access to crisis services, and d) activating payment for behavior management training services for caregivers.

Everyone representing the fields of neuropsychology and psychology – including practitioners, researchers, students and educators alike – is asked to submit comments to CMS to protect the delivery of mental and behavioral health care to those in need.

To make your voice heard, please take action through the American Psychological Association’s Action Center

For a personalized message that integrates key messaging related to neuropsychology, we urge members of NAN to attach the comments linked here.

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