NAN's Leadership Ambassador Development (LEAD) Program is an exciting professional advancement curriculum, now in its third year, open to Professional members of NAN and Trainee members who will be eligible for Professional membership in NAN by the completion of the program.


This yearlong program includes:

  • A series of seven webinars with neuropsychology leaders (2:00-3:30 EST 10/01/21, 11/19/21, 12/17/21, 01/21/22, 02/25/22, 04/08/22, and 05/20/22).
  • Curriculum involving leadership styles, communication skills, practical aspects of leading a committee, how to navigate leadership dilemmas, and advocacy for the profession.
  • Opportunities to hear from past NAN presidents, as well as a corporate leadership trainer.

Participants will be expected to implement their new learning through their roles as Ambassadors. This position involves increasing engagement of NAN’s membership through dissemination and other communication about NAN’s many programs (e.g., grants, awards, education, service, etc.). 


  • Engage with Past NAN Presidents and a Corporate Trainer
  • Develop your leadership style with targeted resources and a personalized communication profile
  • Learn about NAN committees and develop a plan for how to get more involved in NAN and beyond
  • Become an advocate for NAN and neuropsychology 
  • Network with other professionals and NAN leadership


  • Attend 7 online webinar sessions: 10/01/21, 11/19/21, 12/17/21, 01/21/22, 02/25/22, 04/08/22, and 05/20/22 (all 2:00-3:30pm EST)
  • Attend networking event during the NAN Conference (11/12/21; time & format TBD)
  • Engage in active discussion with colleagues at each webinar
  • Promote the mission and activities of NAN through your Ambassador Role

LEAD Updates

The 2020-2021 program notifications will be made the beginning of August 2021.