MIPS News & Information

Through a successful collaboration between the NAN Professional Affairs & Information Committee (PAIC) and APA, we are pleased to share that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced approval of two new quality measures that are eligible for MIPS-reporting specific to the practice of neuropsychology and cognitive assessment.

These measures are only available when reporting via the APA Mental and Behavioral Health Registry (MBHR). We also thank the IOPC and other peer reviewers for their assistance in moving this endeavor forward! New measures available for 2021 include: 

1) Cognitive Assessment with Counseling on Safety and Potential Risk (MBHR 11) 
Description: Percentage of patients, regardless of age, referred for an evaluation due to concerns for cognitive impairment for whom 1) a standardized valid assessment of cognition was performed and 2) reporting of results included counseling on safety and potential risks.

2) Patient Feedback of Test Results Following Cognitive or Mental Status Assessment (MBHR 12) - Included as a High Priority Measure
Description: Percentage of patients, regardless of age, who received a standardized cognitive or mental status assessment followed by provision of feedback of test results directly to patient and/or their caregiver.

These measures were announced for the 2021 calendar year for inclusion in APA's MBHR qualified clinical data registry (QCDR). Details can be found on the on the Quality Payment Program website within the QCDR measure specification files.

Importantly, these measures are available for a wide range of diagnoses and do not require multiple encounters for reporting. This work was accomplished through an ongoing and successful collaboration with NAN PAIC and APA. We encourage all to explore past NAN presentations  from Dr. Vaile Wright and others for background information about the importance of performance-based measures, MIPS reporting opportunities, and the CMS MIPS program.

Most importantly, NAN's work in this arena continues with plans to promote more neuropsychology-specific measures in the future and continued collaborations with APA and the IOPC.