Women's Brain Health | Resource in English + Spanish

NAN's Women in Leadership Committee, in collaboration with the Culture & Diversity Committee, has evidence-based considerations for your brain health! Be sure to download both the English and Spanish versions to share in your practice and community.

  1. Get Moving | Regular activity is key.
  2. Eat Smart | Follow a MIND diet. 
  3. Get Rest | Aim for at least 6 hours per night.
  4. Keep Sharp | Be a lifelong learner and have fun.
  5. Socially Connect | Engage with family and friends.
  6. Manage Risks | ā¤ health = šŸ§  health. 

Why does it matter?

  • Women make up 2 out of 3 Alzheimer's cases (due to longevity, women outnumber men 2:1)
  • Women have higher rates of other conditions, such as heart disease, increasing risk for cognitive impairment
  • Menopause increases risk of Alzheimer's

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