Position Adult Neuropsychologist
Location Charleston (Mount Pleasant), SC

Position Description: Charleston Neuropsychology is seeking an Adult Neuropsychologist to join our practice. Primary duties will involve providing neuropsychological assessment services for adults. This is a full-time position (M-F) with no weekends or on call.

Major Areas of Responsibility:
- Provide neuropsychological assessment for a wide range of neurocognitive referrals such as MCI, Alzheimer's disease, Vascular Dementia, Lewy Body Dementia, FTLD, Parkinson's Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, and memory/cognitive complaints stemming from other medical conditions and factors.
- Provide neuropsychological assessment to assist in identifying ADHD.
- There will be options for forensic neuropsychological / psychological cases, brief psychological therapy, cognitive rehabilitation, and research (i.e., clinical trials) if there is an interest (all optional).

Education Requirements:
- A Ph.D. or Psy.D. in clinical psychology or neuropsychology
- APA accredited pre-doctoral internship
- Completion of, or in the process of completing, a 2-year post-doctoral fellowship in neuropsychology
- Be licensed or license eligible in South Carolina

- $120,000 - $150,000; This is an Independent Contractor position. We have a bonus system which is based on productivity, so this is an estimated range that you will likely earn.
- Reimbursement for annual License, Liability Insurance, Board Certification, and Worker's Compensation fees
- Annual CE support
- Moving / Signing Bonu

Other reasons to join Charleston Neuropsychology:
- Access to psychometricians. You will not be required to perform your own testing. This will allow you to earn significantly more income.
- Psychometricians will also be available to score any psychological and other paper-and- pencil tests that you administer.
- We accept insurances and cash pay. We have negotiated rates with insurances that are significantly higher than the standard rates offered to most Psychologists.
- Charleston Neuropsychology is a well established and stable practice. We have long standing relationships with community Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Family Medicine Providers, Lawyers, Psychologists, and other health care providers. We will be able to immediately fill your schedule with good referrals.
- We have a low Neuropsychologist to administrative staff ratio. You will receive personalized attention. Our staff will provide all necessary support (e.g., scheduling, checking status of insurance / benefits, resolving claims, obtaining records, sending out reports, etc.) so that you can practice Psychology.
- Charleston Neuropsychology will handle all billing. We pay costs of credit card fees.
- You will have access to Charleston Neuropsychology's large inventory of psychological, psychoeducational, neuropsychological, and forensic test instruments.
- Charleston Neuropsychology will pay for all other practice costs (e.g., marketing, test instruments, test protocols, pay per use tests, website, computer, office supplies, etc.).
- Mentorship if requested.
- Collegial support.
- We are committed to your growth as a Neuropsychologist. We will help you be successful. You will not be on your own, "renting" an office, and hope for the best. Rather, you will be part of a team of experienced Neuropsychologists / Clinical Psychologists that are committed to improving the lives of persons across the age span.
- We have very generous research contracts (clinical trials) if this is an interest. Recent studies have included medication interventions targeting ADHD, PTSD, GAD, and treatment resistant depression.
- Charleston, SC is an outstanding place to live! Go GOOGLE Charleston, SC and check it out!

Charleston Neuropsychology is located in Charleston (Mount Pleasant), South Carolina. We offer comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological services across the lifespan. Details regarding the practice are available on our website at www.charlestonneuropsychology.com. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Interested candidates should submit their CV to Gordon Teichner, Ph.D., ABPP at drteichner@charlestonneuropsychology.com.