Position Neuropsychologist
Location Dover, Delaware
Job Description Looking for a Part-time or Full-time Neuropsychologist - Opportunity to work remotely or
in person!
Company/Organization: Delaware NeuroRehab
Location: Dover, Delaware

Busy clinic with a unique focus on Concussion/mTBI and Acquired Brain Injuries seeking a Neuropsychologist who is interested in and wants to significantly contribute to an expanding team invested in delivering excellent patient care. The Neuropsychologist must be able to provide services across the lifespan and work in both outpatient and inpatient settings. We will be working with a mixture of patients with progressive neurodegenerative conditions such as dementia and Parkinson's disease, unexplained cognitive impairment, concussions, TBI, and many patients in need of differential

Duties and Responsibilities
- Assessing and evaluating the symptoms of neurological conditions that cause cognitive and mood impairment using a neuropsychological and psychological battery of tests in-person or via telehealth.
- Carrying out tests of mental faculties.
™- Providing treatment/remediation recommendations.
™- Working with an interdisciplinary team of Physiatrist, Occupational therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Physical Therapist, and Psychologist.
- Answer clinical questions via in-person interactions or telephone calls
™- Partner with healthcare and administrative staff to create a patient-centered, inviting, and supportive environment for patients and families
- Effectively execute tasks in a timely manner
™- Team member . Positive, effective, and proactive energy in a fluid dynamic team environment; equally comfortable leading, following, collaborating, and executing.
™- Flexible . Comfortable taking on multiple tasks at one time and working in
various settings.
™- Work Ethic . Internalized strong work ethic
™- Accountability . If given a task, you are responsible for documenting your progress, sharing that progress regularly, and proactively
™- Responsibility . everyone is responsible for knowing his/her job responsibilities and performing them well. You will be expected to finish your work each day. You will be expected to proactively ask questions necessary to succeed and to anticipate your own needs. When necessary, you will be expected to ask for assistance and request resources to accomplish your work from your team
members and/or manager.
™- Punctuality . arrive on time.

Pay: $110K-$140K/yr with additional compensation ( based on experience and
background )
FT/PT: Full-Time
Hours: 8hrs/Day 40hrs/Week

™- Monday to Friday

- Doctoral Degree ( Required psychology with neuropsychology concentrate )

- Minimum of couple of years of clinical experience after post doctoral internship ( preferred )
™- Ph. D. or Psy. D License ( Required )
™- State License for the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology ( Required )

- 401K 401P
™- Health Insurance ( when available )
™- Paid Time Off
™- Sick

To apply, please contact:
Andrew Braune
Director of Outpatient Services
Video about our services - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUOyVPbtVSo