Position Pediatric Clinical Neuropsychologist
Location Voorhees, NJ
Job Description Pediatric Clinical Neuropsychologist: The Neurodevelopmental Diagnostic and Treatment Center at The NeuroCognitive & Behavioral Institute

About the position
We have a full-time outpatient position for a licensed, preferably board certified pediatric clinical neuropsychologist specializing in neurodevelopmental disorders.

All patients coming into this center receive initial intakes/biopsychosocial histories, neurosensory, neurobehavioral, psychiatric, functional assessments, and comprehensive neuropsychological testing. Specialized assessments include evaluations for Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Language Disorders, Intellectual Disorders, Tourette's syndrome, OCD, ANS disorders as well as specialized evaluations for other neuropsychiatric syndromes and disorders.

Other neurodiagnostic procedures include brain mapping using resting and active electrical neuroimaging for pediatric and adolescent patients to help confirm the cortical dysfunction hypotheses generated by the cortical functional assessment. Additionally, metabolic, micronutrient, genetic and other labs are often used in the diagnostic work up. Treatments available at NCBI are plentiful and include, behavioral therapy, individual, group and family psychotherapies, cognitive rehabilitation and SPL therapy, psychotropic medications, behavioral health interventions and non-invasive neuromodulation treatments approved for conditions such as ADHD.

Primary Role
This is a clinical lead position with evaluation and management patient care responsibilities that include overseeing a team of clinicians and technicians involved in each patient's care, performing sensorimotor exams, interpretations of test data, formulating diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations. We utilized certified neuropsychometrists to perform the neuropsychological testing and AI assisted interpretation of the data sourced from intakes, initial exams and neuropsychological testing that generates a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment report to be reviewed by the interpreting pediatric clinical neuropsychologist.

Other Duties:
Brain Imaging
For those candidates with electrical neuroimaging and/or fMRI training and clinical experience in brain mapping, responsibilities will include interpreting resting and active state brain mapping results. Active electrical neuroimaging is completed via cognitive event potential during neuropsychological testing. Training in resting state and functional neuroimaging for those qualified candidates is also an option for those pediatric neuropsychologists interested in this area of clinical neurodiagnostics.

For those candidates with prior director-level experience, job entry at the associate-director level for the Neurodevelopmental Diagnostic and Treatment Center at NCBI is a possibility. We are also willing to train a seasoned clinician for this role for those who are seeking a higher level of responsibility in addition to providing direct care.

Clinical Research
Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities to work as a sub-investigator or PI (for those candidates with the appropriate experience) on one or more clinical research studies. Clinical research trials include neuroimaging, neuromodulation and drug treatment trials across a number of clinical neuroscience studies. We have a long-history of conducting both private-company sponsored as well as investigator initiated clinical research studies. We strongly support the clinical research interests of our investigators.

Inpatient Consultations
Consultation and Liaison inpatient services are available for those candidates interested in performing inpatient work.

Supervisory responsibilities are available for those interested in supervising, externs, interns, post-doctoral residents and fellows in clinical neuropsychology, technicians and mental health clinicians.

Patient Population
As described below, we have 5 centers represented at each of our 4 outpatient centers in New Jersey that serve patients and their families presenting with neurodevelopmental, neuropsychiatric, sleep and neurodegenerative disorders as well as with acquired and traumatic brain injuries. Common disorders diagnosed and treated at NCBI include: ADHD, Autism, neuropsychiatric syndromes secondary to acquired and traumatic brain injuries, mood disorders, somatoform disorders, OCD and Tourette's syndrome, as well as psychotic and personality disorders, sleep disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.

This position can be based out of our Voorhees, NJ clinical location with virtual remote coverage at our other locations in our Livingston, NJ clinic at the RWJ Barnabas Health Ambulatory Care Center, Mt. Arlington, NJ, and Bedminster NJ. We are also interviewing applicants who prefer a virtual-remote position. NCBI is currently licensed in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Illinois, New Mexico, Colorado, Iowa, Idaho, Louisianna, and Florida.

You must be licensed in your current state as a clinical (neuro)psychologist and be board certified or eligible for board certification (e.g. ABCN in pediatrics) with the capability of becoming licensed in NJ and the other states listed within a few months of your hire and have or be eligible for CMS credentialing. Our team helps the clinical staff complete all the licensing requirements. We are seeking applicants who have completed an accredited post-doctoral fellowship/residency program in pediatric clinical neuropsychology / neurodevelopmental disorders or have developed an expertise in diagnosing and treating these disorders. Your Ph.D. must be in clinical psychology, either a generalized program or specialized pediatric program and not from other disciplines within psychology.

Salary and Benefits
Competitive base salary with quarterly cash bonuses and program developmental profit-sharing opportunities. Benefits include paid employee healthcare, 3% company matched 401k contributions with profit-sharing investments for every employee into their 401k plan as well as paid leave starting with 2 weeks' vacation and 9 sick days. As noted above, career advancements include: Center Director after a period of approximately 15-24 months for those qualified candidates which is based on education, experience and skills.

About the NeuroCognitive & Behavioral Institute (NCBI)
The NeuroCognitive & Behavioral Institute specializes in diagnosing and treating cognitive, neuropsychiatric and neurobehavioral disorders in pediatrics, adolescents, adults and geriatrics.
We have 5 clinical programs/centers that are represented in each of our outpatient and virtual care clinics:

1) The Neurodevelopmental Diagnostics and Treatment Center;
2) The Center for Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injury;
3) The Mind-Body Neuropsychiatric and Mental Health Disorders Center:
4) The Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Neurodegenerative diseases and;
5) The Sleep Study and Treatment Center.

NCBI clinics are located in Camden, Morris, Somerset and Essex County NJ. Our northern NJ clinics are approximately 40 minutes from NYC and the New Jersey Shore and mountains. Our southern NJ clinic is close to Philadelphia, PA and we have a new clinic opening soon in Toms River, NJ.

Our clinics service approximately 3,000 new patients annually performing approximately 800 weekly patient visits. We also have a very active clinical research division where we conduct early-late drug development, functional brain mapping and neuromodulation research.

visit www.neuroci.com for additional information about NCBI

You can schedule an interview through Ivy Baldemor in Staff Development via email at:
ib@neuroci.com or by calling 973.601.0100 ext. 206